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The Affiliated Independent Group includes over 300 Independent, Freshmart® and L'Intermarche® retailers from coast to coast. Our Freshmart® and L'Intermarche® programs offer a good balance of independence and structure, with our full corporate brands lineup, operational and merchandising support, and a weekly flyer. Our independent buying program offers access to a wide assortment of products and promotional opportunities.

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What people are saying

Since our renovations, our employees are more motivated and engaged.

Smiling woman with short hair and glasses.

Anny Brouillette

Owner, L’intermarché Anny Brouillette et filles

I only have positive things to say about Loblaw, they’ve been wonderful to work with. To us, it’s a collaboration. We couldn’t really do this without their support and they couldn’t do it without us being here as well, so it works together.

Man with white hair speaking.

Chuck Luksa

Co-owner South River Freshmart

Since we’ve done the rebrand, we have had such an amazing response from everybody who’s come into our store.

Smiling Freshmart employee with blonde hair sitting at a table.

Alison Mudford

Co-owner, Mudford’s Freshmart

New look, same great service

We’re rebranding! Next time you stop by a local Freshmart, SuperValu or Shop Easy, you may do a double take. Sure, we have a fresh new look, but our values are still rooted in excellent service.

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We offer two retailer programs — they’re accessible and flexible. Check out the details and see which program may work for your business.

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